"Path in Time"



  3 ft x 4 ft

Giclee prints available in various sizes.

This painting is an idealized portrayal of the arbutus trees in Rainbow Park overlooking the entrance to Victoria Harbour - how it might have looked in the past.  

"I commissioned the painting as a tribute to the beauty of the Arbutus.  Growing up across from what is now Rainbow Park, the Arbutus trees have always framed my view of the entrance to the harbour.  Sadly, in the past few years the trees have been dying at an alarming rate."

Although the original intention of the painting was to keep alive the memory of the arbutus that once grew in abundance, "A Path in Time" could also portray the future.  New trees are scheduled to be planted by the City of Victoria Parks Department.

In this artist's depiction of Rainbow Park, there are no oil tanks, cement walkways, buildings, boats or seaplanes that characterize the harbour today.  The small footpath to the beach hints at its use by the Songhees people who would have harvested the camas and utilized the sea life.  The path also symbolized the continual changes seen in the area.  First developed in the 19th Century as affluent residences, in 1938 it was used by the James Bay Athletic Association.  Later it became the training area of the Rainbow Sea Cadets.  Now there is a park and canoe launch crossed by the West Song Walkway, the waterfront walkway that is immensely popular today.


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